Seaser, lounge chair by Lonc

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Form and function for the ages If you’ve got a good thing going, then you might as well keep going. So Rogier Waaijer has tweaked the design elements he first came up with for our award-winning Seaser lounge chair, the Beaser stools, and the a-Lowha table series to produce the Easer. Easy to sit in, gorgeous to look at, and versatile enough for place of pride in the home, or to serve many functions in the workplace. The Easer, a minimalist combination of moulded polypropylene and stainless steel, is sleek, stylish, sturdy, and superbly comfortable. With its clean lines and soft curves, it is ideal in an office, a lobby, a waiting room, or a conference room – but it is also perfectly well-suited to the family dining room. Rogier has worked and re-worked the design to make certain the ergonomics are just right – with plenty of back support and comfortable arm rests to encourage good posture, but allowances for relaxed sitting for hours on end. One thing remains constant: like all the products in our line of indoor-outdoor furniture, the Easer is self-draining and designed to hold up to the elements, so you can keep it outside on your patio, and it’s perfect for outdoor dining. The Easer is available in black, white and grey; whichever colour you choose, you’ll be pleased to know that the only attention it ever demands is an occasional cleaning with soap and water. H 68,5 x W 73 x D 82cm Suitable for in- and outdoor use Easy to Clean Colourfast Satin Finish Comfortable Sitting Position with enough Support for the Lower Back PE (Polyethylene) 11kg You can increase the weight of the chair. A hollow space inside can be filled with sand and then sealed off with a metal lid. The weight of the Seaser is increased from 11 up to 30 kg. Colours: White, Gray, Black, Taupe, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Petrol Blue, baby Blue

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