SE 42 by Wilde + Spieth
Wilde + Spieth

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weight approx. 5,0 kg

The curved wooden chair from Prof. Eiermann. A work of art on three legs. Seat and back made from multi-layered wood veneer. Three-dimensional, organically contoured seat. Now Egon Eiermann meets Le Corbusier: four variants of the classic (SE 68 multi-purpose chair, SE 68 SU stackable multi-purpose chair, SBG 197 R swivel chair, SE 42 three-legged bentwood chair) are presented in four colours by Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. These colours have already been decided upon: ombre naturelle 31 (32140), vert anglais clair (32041) and bleu céruléen 59 (4320N), le jaune vif (4320 W).

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