Width 46 cm
Depth 42.2 cm
Seat diameter 46 cm
Seat height 46.7 - 18.4 cm


Material Cast Iron and Steel


Suitable for contract use No
Suitable for outdoor use No
Year 2016


Inspired by the materials and processes of the Industrial Revolution, Screw is made from a cast iron tripod base. The steel thread allows for multiple heights by simply spinning the top.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Available as a Stool and Table bases.

Metal - Where suitable we leave the metals un‑lacquered allowing the material to develop a unique and rich patina through the natural process of oxidisation, which we believe enhances the beauty of the product. The rate at which a patina develops will vary according to how it is handled and the environmental factors such as humidity in the atmosphere. For all our items that are used with food, do not let the brass or copper form verdigris, which is formed when brass or copper undergoes long‑term natural oxidisation or is exposed to acidic conditions over time. Verdigris is bright green in colour, and must be completely cleaned off before the item is used.

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