Scintilla by Dante-Goods And Bads
Dante-Goods And Bads

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Lighting system Scintilla brings glass crafting opposites together in an astounding new product. On one hand, we see the highly industrialized technique of borosilicate inner extrusion, which when lit, causes the light to sparkle and scintillate due to its ribbed reflective surface. On the other hand, there is a contrast between the outer mouth-blown shape - epitome of the piece‘s domestic orientation - and the use of LED light inside the lamp‘s core providing a contemporary and industrialized approach. Material: Borosilicate glass, metal base, LED Dimensions:14 x 16 x 54cm

DANTE-Goods And Bads creates objects, products, editions with qualities above and beyond the substantial; associative qualities: emotions, habits, memories, tastes, aversions, the good, the bad, never the ugly.