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Hans Brattrud created Scandia Prince in 1960, as the latest addition to the Scandia range. Hence the name: according to the designer himself Scandia Prince is the crowning glory of the series. Scandia Prince was originally designed as a high version of Scandia Junior, but nevertheless the chair stands out with its very own personality as a graceful and noble chair, princely surrounding the dining table without stealing the visual space. An elegant appearance and a strong character both make Scandia Prince a timeless classic, explaining why the chair has been a highly sought after vintage object on the world wide collectors market for decades. Despite being a wooden chair, the organic shape of the seat and the slightly flexible back ensure that Scandia Prince supports your body at a very high level of seating comfort. Pleasing to the eye and suited for the body – the perfect dinner party couldn’t ask for more. Stackable Highback Chair | 950 x 540 x 510 mm

Fjordfiesta is a small but beautiful furniture studio based in Molde on the west coast of Norway.