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In Norwegian ‘nett’ means ‘neat’ – and Scandia Nett is simply a neater version of Scandia Senior. Scandia Nett has an elegant, sleek appearance and pleasing shape, all together making the lounge chair suitable for any room or style – alone, as a pair or arranged in bigger groups. Despite having clear references to the mid-century design era, Scandia Nett stands out as a timeless piece. The simplicity that characterises the design exudes a modern aesthetic that makes Scandia Nett just as beautiful now as then. The gracefully curved lines still speak to the imagination. Thanks to the carefully thought-out angle of the back and the flexible slats, Scandia Nett offers great comfort. Its relatively neat size will also make it easy to move the chair to your new favourite view. Scandia Nett is available with the distinctive bolt base or the convenient swivel base. Lounge Chair | 810 x 660 x 780 mm

Fjordfiesta is a small but beautiful furniture studio based in Molde on the west coast of Norway.