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Hans Brattrud designed the Scandia Junior in 1957 as a student project at the National College of Art & Design in Oslo. Brattrud’s aim was to create a three-dimensionally shaped chair. He took the traditional laminating technique further, resulting in a chair that was revolutionary both in shape and expression. The chair immediately won recognition. At Deutsche Handwerksmesse in1967, Brattrud received the gold medal from the Bavarian State Government for Scandia Junior. The same year the chair also received “The Award for Design Excellence” from the Norwegian Design Council. Due to its unique and timeless design, Scandia Junior has become an internationally recognised classic. Today it is considered a mid-century masterpiece, as well as one of few Norwegian furniture icons of its time. Great design requires function, and Scandia Junior keeps its promises. The chair delicately supports your lower back and the slats bend naturally when you lean against them. The ingeniously constructed seat invites you to sit down – and to stay seated for hours. Stackable Chair | H 825 x W 540 x D 510 mm

Fjordfiesta is a small but beautiful furniture studio based in Molde on the west coast of Norway.