SC 52 Bar by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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Set in style The SC 52 bar is a stylish focal point for the exchange of ideas among colleagues or friends. It can act as a location for spontaneous meetings and socializing both in private and in professional spaces. Like the entire JANUA® collection, the SC 52 utilizes interlocking corner constructions, giving it a typical JANUA® artisan feel. It is available in all JANUA® wood types and prestige models are also available in selected wood types such as rough cut oak and approximately 200-year-old oak. Another particular feature is Stefan Knopp’s specially produced surfaces for JANUA®. They are available in four different shades and finishes – oak charburned (black shade), limed and charburned oak (grey shade), heavily limed and charburned oak (silver shade) and leached oak (white shade). Dimensions (L x W x H): 180x55x110 cm 200x55x110 cm 220x55x110 cm 240x55x110 cm 260x55x110 cm 280x55x110 cm 300x55x110 cm

JANUA® is growing. Steadily, with awareness and without losing sight of its quality and durability standards.