SC 50 Round table | Wood with wood legs by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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The SC 50 round table is the first round table from JANUA®. The slightly inclined legs are crossed and bend proportionally from the SC 50. The two legs are connected via classical cross paving and thus the frame can be dismantled. For this model, the top is made of 2.5 cm solid wood. The wooden table legs have a profile of 8 x 4 cm. With the wide selection of different sizes the SC 50 offers many possibilities. From a small kitchen table (e.g. 110cm diameter) to a large conference tae (e.g. 185 cm diameter). Dimensions (D x H): 110x75 cm 125x75 cm 140x75 cm 155x75 cm 170x75 cm 185x75 cm

Designed to be open Flexible and well positioned: In addition to the SC 25 pedestal, there is also the SC 50, an openly designed pedestal. The plain wooden legs are 8 cm wide and 4 cm deep. They are connected with a crossbar and together with it, they form the demountable table frame. The bar directly under the table top gives the SC 50 extra stability. When combined with a 2.5 cm thick solid wooden top, the SC 50 is completely made of solid wood. Alternatively, it is available with a 1.5 cm thick table top made of HPL. Whether it is made of solid wood or wood in combination with HPL, the SC 50 table is excellent value for money and is popular with both first-time and more seasoned customers alike. Well-rounded This version of the SC 50 table is the first round table from JANUA®. It breaks up very geometric spaces and cubic furniture and creates a harmonious contrast without entirely departing from geometric shapes. This model is a consistent and logical extension of the form language of JANUA®, which alludes to the slanting feet of the SC 50 with a rectangular top: The slightly outwardly slanting legs invite you to sit comfortably. Like the rectangular model and numerous other JANUA® tables, the SC 50 round table is available in proven wood types or in wood and HPL. The legs are always made of wood, and when combined with a solid wood top they are always in the same type of wood. The leg construction is bolted onto a ridge under the table top.

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