SC 44 Bench | HPL by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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This model of the SC44 table is made of HPL and can be dis- mantled. The design of the legs as well as the settings of the foot rest are in keeping with the SC44 bench in solid wood. To prevent the HPL from sagging, this bench is always made with a barely visible T-bar. The SC44 bench matches the design of the SC 25 table. In conjunction with the V2A stainless steel structure this table can also be used in outdoor areas. Dimensions (L x W x H): 150x35/40x42,5cm 170x35/40x42,5cm 190x35/40x42,5cm 210x35/40x42,5cm 230x35/40x42,5cm 250x35/40x42,5cm 270x35/40x42,5cm

The SC 44 bench is a handcrafted bench and can be dismantled. The bench top is solidly constructed throughout and is about 4 cm thick. The base is available in a V2A stainless steel frame. Alternatively, the legs are available in coloured powder-coated steel or in crude steel naturally coated. The foot rest can be secured in three predetermined positions. The spacing of the grid hole from the outside can be 20, 29 and 38 cm. Since the legs are attached to the bench from the inside, it comes without a support. The SC 44 bench matches the design of the SC 25 table.

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