Masterfully set up The SC 20 table is clearly conceived in form and design and can be used as a dining or conference table. The table top comes in 5 cm or 8 cm thick versions and always uses a doubled construction. There are even more options for this model due to its inwardly-set feet: This means it does not need a substructure and can also meet the generous requirements of special models of over four meters in length. The frame is made with a thickness of 8 cm. The SC 20 is available in the JANUA® range of woods, and also in an innovative rough cut version. This version distinguishes itself with its very special and unique surface finish. Dimensions (L x W x H): 180x90/100/110x75 cm 200x90/100/110x75 cm 220x90/100/110x75 cm 240x90/100/110x75 cm 260x90/100/110x75 cm 280x90/100/110x75 cm 300x90/100/110x75 cm

JANUA® is growing. Steadily, with awareness and without losing sight of its quality and durability standards.