SC 10 Coffee table by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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The SC 10 coffee table is a handcrafted coffee table with a constructive glued plate and can be dismantled. The top is glued together from 4 cm-thick planks and doubled up to 8 cm. The wood grain on each end mirrors the other, producing a very interesting pattern. The coffee table is available with V2A runners as well as with wheels. The total height varies between 18 cm and 23 cm depending on the model. Dimensions with V2A runners (L x W x H): 100x60x23 cm 120x70x23 cm 140x80x23 cm 160x90x23 cm Dimensions with wheels (L x W x H): 100x60x18 cm 120x70x18 cm 140x80x18 cm 160x90x18 cm

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