SC 02 Bench partially upholstered by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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The partially upholstered variant of the SC02 bench is a handcrafted solid wood bench utilizing interlocking corner constructions that cannot be dismantled. For a comfortable sitting experience, the bench is made with a 63 cm deep seat. The partially upholstered bench SC 02 is always made with a lip in a constructive and static way. The girthed substructure and the padded seat ensure optimum seating comfort. The backrest is slightly angled and carved out. It is available as shown in the sample collection in leather or fabric. For a harmonious visual impression the bench overhangs by 25 cm on the left and on the right. Dimensions (L x W x H): 190x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 140cm 210x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 160cm 230x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 180cm 250x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 200cm 270x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 220cm 290x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 240cm 310x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 260cm 330x46x80cm Rücken / backrest 280cm

The form of the SC 02 bench, with or without backrest, is a good example of archetypal home design. In both versions, the design is reduced to the essentials. The seat depth of the model without backrest is 40 cm; it was extended to 46 cm for the model with backrest. The seat height is 45 cm. Like the other SC02 bench models, both can be supplemented with seat cushions. A 9 cm high bar on the underside of the seat serves as a reinforcement. The dovetail construction is a very durable corner joint traditionally used by JANUA® and is perfect for solid wood. Together with the SC01 table, it creates a harmonious ensemble due to the common design language. The partially upholstered SC 02 bench is a bestseller in the JANUA collection and is extremely popular with our customers. With a total depth of 63 cm and a total height of 81 cm, it also meets any visual demands. The fully integrated backrest is placed 25 cm from the side of the bench. In addition, the leather in this seat was produced using pieces that are as large as possible and with as few seams as possible. This allows the leather to shine in its own natural way and makes its characteristics stand out. This furniture looks, feels and smells like a truly natural product. Another example of a successful use of materials by JANUA®.

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