SC 01 Desk by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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Methodically constructed The SC 01 table is the classic desk from JANUA®: Its original form lends it a sense of strength and calm. These two characteristics ensure a relaxed working environment in a world of endlessly new challenges. The interlocking corner joints, which are consistently used by JANUA®, give the SC 01 a traditional handcrafted feel. Combining the SC 01 with the SC 30 wheeled drawer creates a complete work station. The wheeled drawer and the cable duct create the necessary order. But the SC 01 can be used as more than a desk: The model without a cable duct can be brought into the private sphere as a living room piece. It can be effectively paired with the SC 02 bench: These two items look like they are made for each other and convey a sense of balance in their look and proportions. Dimensions (L x W x H): 180x90/100/110x75 cm 200x90/100/110x75 cm 220x90/100/110x75 cm 240x90/100/110x75 cm 260x90/100/110x75 cm 280x90/100/110x75 cm 300x90/100/110x75 cm

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