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Say O Say O Mini Lux Say O Say O Mini Lux

This beautiful Say O Mini Lux chair has got a classical and minimalistic design and yet it has a very expressive and unique design of the highest quality. The chair shell is made out of natural wood material of either oak, ash or beech. The Say O Mini Lux chair is manufactured with the newest 3D veneer production technique. When you sit in this chair you will straight away experience a very high sitting comfort and you will feel an incredible backrest support due to the designers being successful in exploiting the 3D veneer capabilities to its’ fullest potential. The Say O Mini Lux chair is a very robust chair that has passed the highest level of stress tests which makes it applicable for use in public spaces. This chair comes in a variety of different standard colors of natural wood, white, black, gray, blue, yellow, plum red and green. This Say O Mini Lux chair has got sledge bases legs. The sledge frame is having a pyramid like shape that mounts to the center area of seat. The angles of the frame and the angles of the seat have been intelligently designed such that all angles on the chair stand out in a beautiful eye-catching way that makes this chair a masterpiece of its’ own. With this chair there is an option to choose between legs surfaces of either chrome, satin chrome or painted surface in either white or black color. All in all this multipurpose chair integrates very well and beautifully in many environments such as restaurants, conference rooms, canteens, schools as well as in a private kitchen or dinner room. Width 500 mm Depth 520 mm Height 835 mm SeatHeight 465 mm

Say O - Company History / Philosophy Say O is a Danish furniture company which was founded in the year of 2013.