Savo S3 LN by SAVO

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Sit down in a Savo S3. adjust the seat height and then lean back. You’ll feel the difference straightaway. Feel how the chair’s articulated back follows your own, naturally supporting the curve of your back, no matter how you sit. You’ll soon realise that the phrase “follow the movements of the body” is not just about the relationship between your upper and lower body, but also the relationship between the upper and lower parts of your back. In a nutshell, Savo S3 is ahead of its time. We focus on several areas when we develop office chairs. Our guiding principle is the total experience: the satisfaction of being able to sit comfortably – and for extended periods of time. With the new patented back function we have come even further. The articulated lamella backrest is attached at two points, one upper and one lower. As a result, the upper and lower parts of the backrest move in a natural relation to each other. Combined with Savo Floating Tilt®, the Savo S3 follows the natural movements of your back. The Savo S3 chair has an innovative and futuristic design idiom. Straight angles and surfaces, combined with rounded, gentle corners, create exciting contrasts. The Savo S3 is a chair that is as surprising in its design as it is a pleasure to sit on. Savo S3 is an environmental friendly chair. It meets current environmental standards at the highest level. Savo S3 is available with base in polished aluminium or black plastic and with or without armrests and head support.

Introducing Savo Savo office chairs are designed and marketed to the private and public sectors domestically and internationally.