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Durlet Savannah Durlet Savannah

Anita Schmidt continues to be an established asset in Durlet’s design. The German designer knows the history of the house for so long, she has a perfect feeling of what the current spirit of the time is, and for that she is able to fall back on the tried and tested classics from the past. This was also how this model was born. Anita wanted to create a model that will have a clear and timeless character through its pure and particular line, combined with exceptional comfort. The basis for this is a Durlet-classic from the 80s that was also designed by the then design team Waldmann-Gölz-Schmidt (e.g. Anita Schmidt): the Cortina. Despite her commercial success in the 80s, it was however not obvious to just transform this model into a contemporary version. The basis of the original model in particular was much too heavy. The finish and proportions also had to be revised in view of current tastes and styles. The resulting design became one of the specific characteristics of the current model: the new base tilts the model up and carries the unit like an open platform. You can just leave the platform visible in attractively finished oak, seeing the eye-catching shaped matching oak legs, or you can choose metal legs. Then the wooden platform will be covered in fabric or leather like the rest of the couch to promote harmony of the materials. The finishing touch with its delicate half cover-seam around the square lined but rounded shapes, complete the model visually. The real comfort story of this couch lies in the backrest. On the one hand, the pronounced back support of the previous Cortina model was copied. This was already a huge success. A system in which the back cushions coul be lifted or collapsed to achieve the ideal position to fully support the head, was also incorporated. This tried and tested system already integrated in multiple Durletdesigns in the past was greatly appreciated by consumers who are becoming increasingly critical and – maybe even more than before – insist on the importance of comfort in their search for new lounge furniture.

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