Width 95 cm
Depth 40 cm


Finish B59 Matt Black


Shelf Yes
Tv size max 65''
Type A04
Year of design 2013


A multi-version support for new-generation TV sets.

Simplicity and lightness are the qualities of a technically elegant accessory that allows the moving image to play a leading role in the residential setting. Ideal for domestic use, yet also suitable for public spaces or workplaces. The raw iron finish is achieved via a double coat lacquering, followed by a further hand-made sanding treatment. Base with built-in monodirectional castors.

Caronni / Bonanomi

Flavio Caronni from the early seventies dealt with furniture and interior design. At the same time Donato
Bonanomi developed his activity as designer for the textile industry.their joint venture,from the mid eighties,
has put them together in different projects and contests,in particular the ones regarding residential housing
In 1990 they set up a firm of architects for residential and industrial projects, development and renovations,
indoor architecture and design.

Desalto has always been an integral part of the Brianza area manufacturing tradition, stretching from the 1950s to the present day. Brianza is a special region where the masters of Italian design found a fertile environment and resolute, enthusiastic business people. Desalto founders, the Orsenigo family, are among the entrepreneurs who helped to spread, worldwide, the concept of a product based on a constant technical and technological research, aesthetically sophisticated and designed to be functional.