S 900 Gesellig Bench | Wood | Wood–HPL by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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The S 900 „Gesellig” bench is a handcrafted mitred bench. The milling grooves for the interchangeable seat back are cut on one side only as standard. For an additional charge, the milling grooves can also be set on both sides to allow variable repositioning. To avoid sagging, there is always a support placed underneath. The backrests are available in the same wood as the seat or in coloured HPL. The material thickness of the bench is 4 cm; the backrest is 1.5 cm thick. The seat height is 45 cm and the total height 86 cm. Dimensions (L x W x H): 170x50x45cm mit 3 backs 190x50x45cm mit 3 backs 210x50x45cm mit 4 backs 230x50x45cm mit 4 backs 250x50x45cm mit 4 backs 270x50x45cm mit 5 backs 290x50x45cm mit 5 backs

Made with variety Front, back, left, right: The S 900 “Gesellig” bench is as variable as it is simple. The backrest can be embedded in the milling grooves on the seat surface as wanted. This bench is a modern take on tête-à-tête furniture, which facilitates convenient and direct communication with a counterpart. The milling grooves can also be positioned on both sides if wished. The backrests are classically available in the same wood as the bench or in coloured HPL. As an alternative, both materials can also be combined. Wood and HPL can be freely mixed and combined according to individual taste. When selecting the HPL colours, a uniform design in one colour or a combination of colours is possible.

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