S 600 cpsdesign Table | HPL by Janua / Christian Seisenberger
Janua / Christian Seisenberger

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This variant of the S 600 table is made of HPL and can be dismantled. The tabletop is manufactured in about 1.5 cm thick HPL and the frame in powder-coated or V2A stainless steel. The table comes in three parts and the longitudinal beams are pre-mounted to the tabletop. Only the two legs have to be attached. The legs have a cross section of 40 mm, the frames an L-shaped profile of 40 mm. The tabletop comes with a shadow gap to give the tabletop a floating character. To prevent the HPL from sagging, the table is made with a barely visible T-bar from a length of 240 cm. Dimensions (L x W x H): 80x80x74 cm 140x80/90/100x74 cm 160x80/90/100x74 cm 180x80/90/100x74 cm 200x80/90/100x74 cm 220x80/90/100x74 cm 240x80/90/100x74 cm 260x80/90/100x74 cm 279x80/90/100x74 cm

Maximally minimal The S 600 table offers an impressive functional minimalism: Claus Peter Seipp designed this table for residential and office spaces. Designed with a wooden table top and a powder coated steel frame, it creates a homely impression, while a HPL plate gives a cool and pared-down feel. Combined with a hot-dip galvanized steel frame, the HPL version can also be used in outdoor areas.  Its construction is particularly sophisticated: The table edge is milled horizontally on each side, creating a small gap between the frame and the table top. This is also referred to as a shadow gap. Only the narrow, upper outer edge is visible. The table top thus appears narrower, giving the whole table a more sophisticated look. The frame is designed as a square tube and in the form of an L-shaped profile with a 40 mm cross-section. The combination of a seemingly floating table top and narrow feet set this table apart. A minimalist counterpart The S 600 bench was exactly modelled on its counterpart, the S 600 table. Whether it is designed in HPL or wood, the table and bench always form a visual unit. Different steel surfaces for the legs, numerous types of wood and 24 different colours from the HPL JANUA® collection mean you have a lot of possible combinations. The 16 different designs of the HPL outdoor collection can be easily combined with the galvanized steel version and form a beautiful outdoor ensemble. The S 600 bench was designed to be the exact same length as the S 600 table. The depth is 40 cm. If the version ordered is 20 cm shorter than the table, it can easily fit under the table: The legs are only 4 x 4 cm in size and therefore take up little space.

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