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Frameless construction, slim design and invisible connections. Space structuring wall elements, such as partitions, are becoming increasingly important for designing open offices and compact offices. Along with other elements that help to shape the space, including screens, shelves and cabinets, the RV dividing wall organises and structures areas for concentration, co-operation and communication. The RV dividing wall is installed independently of pre-existing building structures and is used in particular for reception areas, as an element for partitioning and acoustics in the Back Office, and in support zones such as a printer island or coat stands. The RV dividing wall is distinguished by its frameless construction, slim design, exact joints, and invisible connections. A modular system consisting of 3.8cm thick monoblock modules, it is flexible and allows for combinations up to a height of 172cm. It offers infinitely variable height adjustment and material combinations such as veneer, melamine, fabric, glass, and perspex. A sophisticated cable management allows integrated power and network connections.

"Interior design is our product" With this idea in mind, Bene is a powerful force in shaping office trends.