SO 0465 - Sillón con carcasa tapizada y base central giratoria de aluminio de 4 aspas con sistema de retorno y acabado aluminio pulido. SO 0466 - Sillón con carcasa de tablero de roble y base central giratoria de acero de 4 aspas y acabado cromo brillo. Opción de cojín tapizado en asiento.

Ronda is a collection of chairs made with an oak plywood frame with optional upholstered seat or shell combined with a variety of wood and metal bases. The various combinations make for a versatile collection that provides solutions for many different applications. Its iconic shape seamlessly combines vintage elegance with contemporary freshness and sophistication. Base options include four legs and a four star central rotating base constructed of aluminum with a polished finish, this base also includes a return system.

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