Rock by Sancal

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Lifting table 62x48x39/60

Technically, rock is an accelerated blues rhythm. In this instance, however, Rock is a small family of tables inspired by the abundance, exuberance and optimism of the ‘50s -an expressive and sensual project influenced by organic and biomorphic forms which popularized the pioneers of industrial design. The Rock tables, like the musical style from which the name is taken, are characterized by a contemporary feel, and by the fusion of different styles - in this case visual rather than sonorous. Oak, mirror and smoked glass are the notes of a score that can create a personalized melody. Besides playing with the curves, volumes and materials, the different heights and extending table increase the versatility of the set. Technical data Wooden top: MDF oak veneer with black edge (except for the white stain, where the edge and the underside are white). Mirror top: 4mm grey mirror glued to 22mm MDF top with black edge. Glass top: 10mm thick tempered glass smoked finish with black central serigraphy. Central foot and base: F1 steel coated and black lacquer. Lifting table: 2 positions neumatic system.

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