Robust Coffee Table by Hookl und Stool
Hookl und Stool

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Width 33cm, Length 55cm, Height 40cm

This collection is composed by several coffee tables, fulfilling the variety of clients’ esthetic requests. Finishing with the high quality level of the material processing, regardless its solid wood, metal or glass is characteristic for this collection. Beside the wide range of different sorts of solid wood, it is also possible to choose the finishing of the metal (chromed, brass or burnished), likewise to choose the processing of the glass edges (transparent, etched or rounded). Robust coffee table, CT 01 As it names says, this coffee table radiates with an exceptional plenitude and robustness. Its roughness is additionally pointed with an effect of sandblasted sides and firm legs. Table top consists of 15 cubes which are additionally pointed with mutual interception making discrete cannelures. Considering its character, proud-spirited sorts of wood as walnut, dark elm or oak perfectly fits it. Wooden finishing with the natural oils and waxes.

HOOKL und STOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects.