ROAD 152 by Roda

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Chair with arms 51 x 52 x H 80 cm

Road is a collection for outdoor use, composed of chairs, armchairs and modular sofas, developed around the idea of realizing some furniture whose seats could be made from a stretched net anchored to a "clean" structure, with an essential but very comfortable shape. This is constituted by solid teak body, among which the vertical uppercuts, with a circular section which strongly characterize the project, stand out as if they were sticks. Inside the entire teak structure are steel bars to strengthen the furniture. Design and craft, tradition and technology, have been combined into an innovative project that reminds one of nature and where the natural material of teak takes centre stage. Road with its simple, light but clear-cut features, creates a new line inspired by 1950s and 60s Scandinavian furniture designs. A collection founded on the harmony between shapes and volumes, where the geometry and lightness become an expression of high creative quality and a design fashioned to satisfy different ambiences and environments, from quiet intimacy to spontaneous conviviality. Road is an all-rounder collection which fits many solutions and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

A 100% outdoor company Innovation, design research, technology: RODA, Italian spearhead in the production of high quality outdoor furniture, proposes its own vision of the Italian design in the world, dictating with its collections the lines of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style.