Riviera Pot by De Castelli
De Castelli

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De Castelli Riviera Pot De Castelli Riviera Pot De Castelli Riviera Pot

“I have always been attracted to Nature that manifests its force in unexpected contexts”; so Aldo Cibic, in collaboration with Cristiano Urban, comes to terms with a miniature landscape aesthetic, working on a poetics that takes concrete form in structures/containers/objects, all realized in iron by De Castelli, to contain small gardens, some designed for indoor settings, others for outdoor locations, with the sole desire of representing an idea of nature in unexpected ways and contexts. Finishes: Cast iron, satin stainless steeel, lacquared. Dimensions: 1 flower: 32 x 32 x h 90 cm, 32 x 32 x h 120 cm, 45 x 45 x h 50 cm, 60 x 60 x h 60 cm 3 flowers: 96 x 32 x h 90 cm, 135 x 45 x h 50 cm 5 flowers: 160 x 32 x h 90 cm, 225 x 45 x h 50 cm

The energy of a man who succeeds in achieving his ideas flows naturally in Albino Celato, the founded, in the year 2003, of De Castelli, a brand that would soon come to prove its worth, on the strength of the experience of centuries that he inherited from his family of blacksmiths, deeply rooted in the piedmont area of Treviso and masters in shaping iron.