Rimbo by Milán Iluminación
Milán Iluminación

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Ø 400 / 320 mm H 1740 mm

Definition: The functional design of this series features clean lines that make it versatile enough for use in any setting and very popular on the market. It consists of models for indoor use only (ceiling light and table lamp), indoor and outdoor models, such as the floor lamp, which has two types of base depending on requirements, and outdoor models such as the two bollard lights available. They are rated IP65 against dust and water. Materials: Rotomoulded polyethylene diffusing shade offering UV protection. It is mounted on the tube or base by screwing into the interior thread. AISI-316 stainless steel tube, resistant to adverse weather conditions. Finishes: Stainless steel for outdoor models and gloss chrome plate for indoor models. Light source: This series incorporates E27 lamp holders for 30 W compact fluorescent lamps with luminous efficiency of 1,500 lumens and an average useful life of 15,000 hours, which makes this a good choice for the end consumer.

Since 1960 MILAN Iluminaci—n have been committed to the distinctive Design of its products, to maintaining standards of Quality in each and every one of the components used in manufacturing our lamps, and to providing our clients with a conscientious Service.