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new OXIT design Rho table new OXIT design Rho table

A table is a table is. Still rho is different, offering many solutions easilily. Fixed with a small number of pieces. rho table is intelligent for dining and office. The table plate comes in high pressure laminate full color plates in 10mm, with an astounding surface finish of matte fingerprint-free, velvety touch. We do utmost to envalue every piece of table. With hpl we or with the cost efficient material multiplex: rho plate is lasered on downside and pressed with an aluminum white powdercoated pan. The pan hides the oak massive boulders, that are at the same runners for invisible drawers. With rho dining, the drawers come with extension-plates, fixed the same way as the table surface. Just set up the plates on the drawer and extend. With 1 drawer on each short side the maximum length is with 200 cm/ 296 cm, with length 240 cm/ 336 cm. Or just use 1 drawer, and add later. The drawers are felt-lined black to buffer the content. You also can place cuttlery or anything else. -Use no drawer and close the short sides with clip-on plates white powder coated. The 4 leg base massive oak is in construcion hidden in the pan. It starts in square profile and conically ends in a slim round. rho office offers the same construction with clicked in skidframe in 20mm white or chrome. -For office purpose we suggest you leave 1 front end open to manage cable, as well as have more stowing room, ideal for architects sketches in rolls. The clip-on closing plates allow to choose and change sides where you like. Do the same with drawers. Premium version HPL 10 mm full color white by italian specialists creating a wonderful velvet matte surface "paper", cleaning resistant. Budget version: multiplex plate 15mm slanted, with HPL surface velvet high resilient 1mm in every color (see color table) - also oak varnished with our hand picked oak for highest quiet texture and color homogenity.

oxit is a new studio for productdevelopment and design founded in 2013.