Rex Rocking Chair colour by Rex Kralj
Rex Kralj

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Beech (white, black, dark brown, lime & orange)

Rex Rocking Chair is a must-have for promising creative minds and retrospective idealists. Forget your preconceived notion that the rocking chair is for grandmothers. The elegant and stylish Rex Rocking Chair will rock your world. Anywhere you place it, it immediately becomes a center of attention. It’s a perfect place for a chill out, to lull your baby to sleep or when you need a piece of mind after a long day. "Always gives a reason to take a break and enjoy life. Let the chair do the rocking when it is your time to relax.”  
Materials and colours: Beech (beechwood, white, black, dark brown, lime & orange), 
Walnut (100% first class American walnut veneer, sold parts out of walnut wood)
Recommended usage: Indoor only and highly recommended for apartments, houses, children, grandparents and stylish young mothers for rocking their babies to sleep. Teakwood (100% first class teak wood veneer, solid parts out of teak wood)
Recommended usage: Outdoor for stylish solutions. Who can call a foldable 100% teak wood, outdoor, rocking chair created in 1956 his own?
 W: 58 cm L: 85 cm H: 77cm

Rex('king' in Latin) was named for its creator, architect and designer Niko Kralj, whose last name translates to "king" in Slovenian.