Rex 120 walnut by Rex Kralj
Rex Kralj

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Walnut (100% first class American walnut veneer, solid parts out of walnut wood) 
Recommended usage: Indoor only and highly recommended for lofts, hotels and other public high end places. Due it’s twice bended sitting part extremely comfortable.  
W: 63 cm L: 70 cm H: 77 cm

This unique piece speaks for itself. Its elegant armrests made of bent wood, supports the elbows well. The sitting area is perforated in order to reduce chair’s weight and to allow ventilation. Clean minimalistic design and contemporary elegance takes full account of ergonomics and fits your body perfectly. Today, Rex 120 is a popular retro flair, which looks good in any interior. "This beautiful timeless piece of art lightens up the space with its presence. Elegant and light but strong in character and grand in appearance.”

Rex('king' in Latin) was named for its creator, architect and designer Niko Kralj, whose last name translates to "king" in Slovenian.