Reveal Pendant Light

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Reveal’s smooth curves and unembellished surfaces are hallmarks of Scandinavian design, and they connect to glassblowing traditions around the world.

We’ve enlisted master craftsmen to transform molten glass into perfect, hollow spheres, making each one of Reveal’s shades unique. The designer fused contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship, while also finding expression for elegance and simplicity. The light was pared down to the essentials to create a new relationship between structure, shade and light source. The shade is held in place by the LED light tube inside it, which is poised in a vertical position to hold it securely overhead. Reveal’s subtle tones reflect the pale colours of the Nordic dawn and the shimmering light found at the Norwegian coast.

Silje Nesdal

Norwegian designer Silje Nesdal debuted at Northern with her hand-blown glass pendant lamp Reveal, making impact from the very start. The lamp showcases the designer’s cross-disciplinary skill set, which results from her studies in furniture design, interior architecture, fashion and textiles. Silje was born in the Norwegian fjords and grew up in a community with a rich heritage of textile design and woodworking. She finds inspiration in traditional craftsmanship, which she combines with new techniques to create furniture and lighting designs. Through research, testing and prototyping, Silje finds ways to combine new techniques with time-honoured craftsmanship. The streamlined products that result explore fresh approaches to contemporary design.

We create furniture, lighting and accessories that are Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.