Ren | Paper Yarn by Karimoku New Standard
Karimoku New Standard

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Dimentions (w x d x h): 600 x 540 x 700 mm Seat height: 450 mm W3400CAO Colour: Beige Material: Paper Yarn Frame Options: W3400ADN Colour: Clear Material: Itaya Maple Finishing: Clear Coating W3400ADB Colour: Black Material: Itaya Maple Finishing: Transparent Colour + Clear Coating

The Chair That Makes You Sit Up Straight REN was designed with the concept of sitting in a beautiful straight posture. With a backrest set slightly lower than a normal chair, users naturally straighten up their back and adopt a very elegant seating posture. Japanese Beauty Expressed Through Traditional Techniques The frame of this chair consists of thin cuboid laths with a trapezoid section. This kind of section gives the armrests subtle angles and the chair a pleasant touch. Each part of the wooden frame is assembled using the traditional Japanese woodwork technique tomegata sanmai tsugi, or Triple Tenon. One can choose between paper yarn, textile or leather upholstery.

KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD BRAND PROFILE A new standard in Japanese furniture making We are Karimoku, manufacturers of wood furniture from Central Japan, with a history of more than 70 years.