Relife Lamp by Hookl und Stool
Hookl und Stool

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Width 45cm, Length 56cm, Height 180cm

Totem and Relife lamps are offered in the version of self-supported floor lamp and pendant light. Prayer is offered in the version of the wall, self-supported, floor lamp and pendant light, while T-rex lamp is a self-supported floor lamp. Majority of lamps is made in combination of wood and steel. Common trait is that they use as source of light the decorational antique bulbs of different shape, with Edison fiber inside, which gives exceptionally warm, yellow-orange tone. Because of the characteristical shapes of these bulbs (balloon or tube), they make, for the most part, not only funcitional, but very important esthetic element of each lamp. In order to emphasize retro look of each lamp, we used threaded-intertwined electricity cables in variety of different colors. Width 45cm, Length 56cm, Height 180cm

HOOKL und STOOL is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects.