Stackable chair in polypropylene Metal arms

The launch of Xuxa was a clear example of innovation in the use of propylene. Following on from this experience, designer Vicente Soto offers us a new piece designed entirely in this polymer. Developed in Italy, this chair, with its clean lines and minimalist personality, is made entirely from one single piece. An innovative injection-based manufacturing process has resulted in the model’s minimum weight, creating shapes and volume which give us a new way of understanding this material. The Regata finish offers a texture, which is very similar to leather. This new surface, applied to lively colours, transmits warmth and sobriety. A combination of contrasts which opens the door for this material in outdoor and communal settings. • Integral structure made of polypropylene and fibre glass. • Highly resistant piece Ideally to be used in collective spaces and/or outside. • Textured version inspired in leather. • Colors: white and red. • Available with or without arms. • Stackable.

Capdell is a brand created in 1981 from the evolution of Sillerias Alacuas, the historic company founded over 40 years ago.