Ray Shelf is an elegant and sturdy wall mounted modular shelving system craft from metal. Its uniqueness is the shelf bar used to replace the conventional board.


• N.2 Triangular Support

Steel metal frame 1.5mm Tk

Overall Size: 20x20x16cm 1.2Kg

Finish: Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated

Colour: Oyster White / Chestnut Brown / Mix

Maximum Load: 15Kg

• N. 1 Shelf Bar

Aluminium Rectangular Bar

Overall Size: 2.5x1x120cm 0.400Kg

Finish: Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated/Textured

Colour: Black

Maximum Load: 8Kg (Each Bar). Weight capacity per 1 meter span.

Elegant and Unique Shelving System

Stylish and practical, Ray Shelf is unique in its totally new design approach. Because of its large range of shapes, it can be adapted to fit any space and it provides users the freedom to create different design combinations. Simply by combining the support units and the bars, numerous arrangements can be created to suit a specific user’s needs or to give a fresh look to the space.

A plurality of bars are replacing the classic board design. These bars are extremely sturdy and can be used for CDs, DVDs, BOOKs and hanging anything you like.

Story of Passion

Even the simplest shape requires great skills, lots of work energy and resources. Matteo Gerbi strongly believe in sustaining our local manufacturers and in designing sustainable products; but in the end the real sustainability is to take care of the product itself by fully appreciating the quality and the passion behind it.

This is the reason why Matteo Gerbi has decided to show the production sequences of his design, through pictures and brief descriptions, so you could be able to enjoy the work and the passion behind Ray Shelf the revolutionary bookshelf.

Ray Shelf is entirely made in UK

Matteo Gerbi is an ambitious business; its passion for design provides a powerful motivation which, coupled with its focus, patience and consistency, assures the provision of inimitable design and an unparalleled quality of service. Matteo Gerbi has bags of curiosity and a huge capacity for creative thinking unfettered by predetermined style. This allows them to produce innovative designs that meet clientsʼ aspirations, whilst staying within time and budget constraints.