ASPLUND Rand Carpet rye ASPLUND Rand Carpet medium grey ASPLUND Rand Carpet light grey ASPLUND Rand Carpet brown

A new take on the Rand Superdhurrie carpets designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune with elegant, slimmer and lustrous lines in woolsilk, contrasting on a base of 100% natural wool. Available in 4 different colour schemes: 1. Nat. RYE 64 with lines in Dark blue 06. 2. Nat. Medium grey 66 with lines in Light grey 05. 3. Nat. Light grey 60 with lines in Orange 12. 4. Nat. Brown 67 with lines in White 01. Standard Sizes: 80x260 cm 160x240 cm 220x330 cm

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