Width 45 cm
Depth 46 cm
Overall height 75 cm
Seat height 44 cm


Seat and back material Hand-woven synthetic rattan
Seat and backrest colour Natural
Structure finish White metallic


Indoor and outdoor use yes
Stackable Yes
Year 1975


A metal-framed chair with a white or natural wicker seat and backrest which is easily movable and stackable.

Its arrangement, which largely involves a continuous rod, means that the only space taken up is the actual chair size, with no other protrusions from its four edges. The backrest, straight at the bottom and curved at the top, supports the back and gives protection to the kidneys, allowing for extensive periods of comfy seating. At the front, under the seat, the metal bar is arranged in the shape of an X, bearing the user鈥檚 weight structurally as the frame flexes.

The founder of the Associate Designers studio in Barcelona and president of FAD, Ram贸n Bigas is a key figure from the second generation of Barcelona designers who are intuitive and festive, without failing to be serious and pragmatic at the same time. His chair is an excellent fusion of virtues for indoor and outdoor settings.

Ram贸n Bigas

Ram贸n Bigas embodies the multidisciplinary professional that, parting from radical positions, little by little entered the world of commercial design, thus placing himself between utopia and reality.

Although Ram贸n Bigas began to study physics at the University of Barcelona, he soon decided to work as a designer and artist, and set up the ADAssociate Designers studio with Pep Sant in 1981.

Among his industrial design projects, we may stand out the Spanish high-speed train, or the holder for the flame for the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games. Bigas has also developed designs projects in interior spaces, graphic image, exhibitions, lamps, tables, offices, and images. He created, for instance, the Micro lamp, a sort of minimal giraffe, or the Ramon chair. From 1995 to 2001, Bigas was the director of the FAD association.

Ram贸n Bigas firmly believes that above intuition there is seriousness and pragmatism, even if he also goes for a little thoughtlessness in life: "because if not, one would not have children, make trains, nor move, and then, of course, one would not be able to live. What matters is well-done job."

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