Width 39.5 x 31.5 cm
Height 46 cm
Weight 9 kg


Base finish White
Top finish White Laminat F1040


Volume 0.13 m3

Cory Grosser

Cory Grosser is an American industrial designer who has been running his own design studio in Los Angeles since 2002. During autumn 2016 Johanson introduced the first collaboration with Cory Grosser: the series Race Today.
Cory is acknowledged as one of the USA’s leading names in product design and has received numerous awards for his work.

Working with some of the most highly skilled designers in Sweden and Europe, Johanson Design has created a wide, stylish furniture collection that has focused the attention of architects and interior designers across the world on Markaryd in Småland, southern Sweden, where Johanson Design has been based since the company began back in 1953.