Finishing The range of the finishings includes one wood black elm, 27 mat lacquered colours and 19 glossy lacquered colours. Reflecting transparent glass or fumé glass. Top in 5 mat and glossy marbles. Hide for top, shelves, drawers and equipped back panels flap doors in hide 28 avorio, 26 naturale invecchiato, 29 tortora, 15 prugna and 2 nero. Doors profile and boiserie profile mat and glossy brown nickel metal. Mat brown nickel plinth.

A system created for a contemporary kind of house featuring a wide range of elements: from storage units to boards, wooden panelling to wooden chests. Quid is Poliform’s new proposal with infinite compositional possibilities. It is an evolved furnishing solution that combines maximum functional versatility with researched details, enhanced by a wide range of finishings, colours and materials.

A new way of living and experiencing contemporary spaces.