Frame in wood. Padding in moulded polyurethane foam. Upholstered in fabric or leather. Plastic feet.

Pouffes and footstools don’t only perform their function in one place- they’re often moved to where they’re needed at that particular time. We emphasise this movability with a decoration, an ornament; a ring that can be used as a practical handle. With his welcoming round shape, our Oppo easy chair has become a popular figure – a friend who’s easy to furnish with. From the very beginning we planned a footstool, called Puppa; this became an expressive little precursor to Oppo, as if everything began there. Now it feels natural for us to carry on and fulfill demand, adding more footstools and pouffes to the family. Small, medium and large volumes, for one or more people, rounded and with sculpted forms that rest securely on the ground. Pucca is available in three sizes; Pucca 1 – the smallest, Pucca 2 – the medium size and Pucca 3 – the largest.

Blå Station is a family business. We are located in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden where the ocean is just as restless as we are.