Promenade Sofa
Wiener GTV Design

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Collection of upholstered furniture designed by Philippe Nigro, PROMENADE, available in the two or more-seater sofa version and modular.

The project is distinguished by a strong and characterizing decorative language that takes inspiration from the minimalism and attention to detail of the Viennese secession, an artistic current of the last century. Starting from the processing of wood with a square cross section instead of a round one, used for the first time in 1906 for the series "Postsparkasse", Philippe Nigro has created a visible structure with profiles in Canaletto walnut that wraps the wide and welcoming seat, enriched with soft cushions in goose down or polyester for maximum comfort. The structure completed by panels covered in fabric, gives the sofa a particular value, especially if positioned in the center of the room, thanks also to the possibility of inserting Vienna straw in the upper band, a further detail that emphasizes the side and back of the sofa. A new concept of softness, also suitable for domestic environments, which replaces the rigorous one, defining different relaxing and reassuring solutions for your living, taking up the stylistic features of the GTV aesthetic.

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) is part of a great European history that merges tradition and innovation, renewing its style lines through continuous project research.