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New premium series from Kusch+Co. Series 8080. Design by Porsche Design Studio. Kusch+Co is setting new standards for Public Seating. After the worldwide successful launch of the bench series 8000, Kusch+Co is ready to take off to the premier league of Public Seating: series 8080 is up to the job. A series of luxuriously upholstered seating, which was also designed in cooperation with Porsche Design Studio. This new concept in Soft Seating complements series 8000 in the upper end. Its design is characterized by the unmistakeable signature of Porsche, which is also the common denominator between both series. Series 8080 is designed to open the door for Kusch+Co in exclusive resting and waiting areas. Target areas range from premium lounges, executive floors, art museums to private hospitals. Strong presence, capturing everyone’s attention. Each and every detail of series 8080 oozes premium design quality. The well-balanced dynamic design both polarizes and fascinates. The series boasts a dynamic forceful character, claiming everyone’s attention through its almost opulent design. Either as a stand-alone armchair or bench or configured as a suite. Even in large assembly halls with a prominent architectural style, this design immediately captures the eye and appeals to all senses through its premium standard of luxurious comfort. Is it possible to top premium? Series 8080 takes up this challenge. With the launch of series 8000 Kusch+Co raised the bar considerably in the Public Seating market segment. No wonder, these benches were designed in tandem with the creative heads of Porsche Design Studio. Both partners set the objective to develop a novel seating concept characterized by a puristic-dynamic design language without compromising on functionality. Mission complete. Series 8000 is in high demand to furnish international airports. Series 8080 is a kind of spin-off with matching design aesthetics. This series ups the ante in terms of market positioning. It has been designed to furnish exclusive waiting and communication areas. 8080 is to be considered as a sister series, a new family member, adopting the same visual strategy of series 8000. On top of its high recognition values, series 8080 still has some premium tricks of its sleeve. Dynamics, power and understatement. A picture-book presence. Some things should be seen. Others things should be left to the imagination. Series 8080 adopts the same visual strategy. It entices with magical attraction, yet the technical features are self-confidently and "invisibly" incorporated. Trademark design feature of series 8080: an elegant mount goes through the entire side part, serving the double purpose of both connecting element and boundary, resulting in a synthesis of power, dynamics and understatement. That is why series 8080 holds a fascinating appeal. "Nippy chassis". Aesthetics down to the last detail. The carrier element on the side serves the double purpose of construction and design elements. The high-grade aluminium side parts are literally "seamless single pieces of cast aluminium" – frame and mount build a unified whole. The mould is refreshingly different from other austere designs. The side part seems to reach for the sky with grace. The weight is efficiently and unobtrusively supported by the side part’s hub. Just like many forked things in nature, the forked pedestals are designed to channel the forces with an economic use of material. The "fine" stabilisers also serve the purpose of fine-looking design features. The seat shell opens up to the guest, inviting him to take a seat. Attracted by the flirtatious look, he will expect a high level of comfort. He won’t be disappointed! Taking a seat turns into a sensual experience. It starts with the smell of the finest leather or the feel of high-quality fabrics. Followed by the elegant seat and the moulding side parts, conveying a sense of well-being and safety. Rather than sinking into the upholstery, the seat offers a firm yet extremely comfortable upholstery. One of the many reasons why Kusch+Co will redefine the meaning of "Soft Seating". The angle between seat and back is just right. The well-balanced seat height of 42 cm as well as the precisely attuned upholstered pads complement each other perfectly, offering outstanding ergonomics which seem to be tailored to the user. The designer didn’t forget about "long-term" comfort. The seat shell features a cut-out in the backrest running horizontally across the entire bench. This feature makes the products of series 8080 look much more slender, allows continuous air circulation and facilitates cleaning. How does one obtain this level of comfort? The open secrets of Porsche Design Studio. Would it have been possible to achieve this level of excellence with the usual concepts? Kusch+Co didn’t think so. That is why they decided to venture into new territories. Simply look at the prominent seat shell. Rather than a one-piece formed part, it consists of two semi-circular "ribbons" made of multi-layered plywood. These "mono" parts for seat and back are entirely upholstered – luxurious upholstery on the inside, less on the outside. Via a keyhole mechanism, both seat and back are attached to the central aluminium mount. An invisibly incorporated stretcher bar is key to the bench’s structural stability and on top of this, it builds the bridge between the seat and back. Quality is irreplaceable. Series 8080 lives up to this principle. The frame is made of die-cast aluminium of the highest grade. For the cover, you can choose between the finest leathers or the most hard-wearing fabrics. Stitches and surfaces are made and worked with artisan mastery. The structural and connecting technology is invisibly incorporated. During the testing phase, this series has been put to the hardest quality and durability tests around the clock. For over 70 years, all series produced by Kusch+Co had to be able to stand up to the company’s mission statement. According to Dieter Kusch, series 8080 is the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship and the best Kusch+Co has to offer. Series 8080 comprises an armchair as well as 2 and 3 seater benches. The designation bench is not entirely correct in terms of comfort level. But also the word "sofa" does this series injustice considering the design as well as the firm upholstery. Three leather grades as well as an array of hard-wearing fabrics allow you a wealth of finishing options to add just the right touch. The armchair and the bench are accompanied by two occasional tables. Other competitive products are totally outclassed by them. Both tables feature a 120 x 65 cm table top resting on flat aluminium pedestals, characterized by the same design aesthetics as the side parts of the armchair and bench. The finishing options for the table tops are the icing on the cake. For an atmosphere of warmth and geniality, the table top made of solid oak would be your first choice. In spite of its 35 mm thickness, the table top neither looks too massive nor too bulky. In order to add a touch of playfulness, the lipping is chamfered in a special way, running organically along the sides. The table top itself is a fine example of craftsmanship. Invisibly incorporated steel mountings as well as precisely calculated groove pattern make sure that the solid wooden table top neither looses its dimensional stability nor starts cracking. In case series 8080 adorns a more sober, minimalist interior, the 15 mm toughened safety glass table top with chamfered edges is the ideal alternative. This variation provides another proof for the high quality standards of Porsche Design Studio. Only the purest and clearest glass is used for this occasional table. Kusch+Co sets great store by its leading position in the contract furniture trade, without being elitist. Meaning: as trendsetting as these innovations might be, they have to coexist with the traditional values on which the company is solidly founded. Series 8080 is no different. One of these traditional values states that exceptional design aesthetics have to be matched by the same level of exceptional quality. Each series has to be able to cope with the stresses and strains of contract seating. This is one of the many reasons why the new Soft Seating series form Kusch+Co not only convinces through its beauty, but also through its universal suitability.

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