Who does not put his cloths on a chair overnight? This is a chair only designed to hang up your cloths. It is a valet stand which allows you to sit down while getting dressed. The backrest offers a slot to hang up your cloths or coat-hangers. valet stand / stool with coat rack feature to hang up cloths or coat-hanger, demountable structure in solid wood, seat in premium mineral composite, white MATERIAL, FINISH: solid ash clear lacquered, mineral composite DIMENSION: 48 x 52 x 112 cm (SH 47 cm)

In the center of this collection is the award winning washstand and a bed. Since living room and kitchen have been growing together as the public spaces of a private home, these furniture meet the same trend taking place at the private areas such as bathroom and bedroom. The collection also meets standards of contract furniture. Clear and straight design, white and soft colors combined with natural wood and open space interior arrangements create an atmosphere of comfort, ease and recreation.

In 2006 Jannis Ellenberger established a studio for product- and interior design in Bremen, Germany, which offers design services to manufacturing companies and is mainly working on designs of furniture, lighting and accessories.