Primus | 1062 by Draenert

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Draenert Primus | 1062 Draenert Primus | 1062 Draenert Primus | 1062 Draenert Primus | 1062 Draenert Primus | 1062

Primus is one of the first models of the DRAENERT collection. No other material is as durable as Swabian oil shale. No other material can connect so stylishly such diverse materials: cool, bright, chrome-plated steel and this heavy, earthy and oily rock. It fits into the long series of original surface materials, such as exposed concrete, clinker or unpolished natural stone flooring, which widely contributes to the authentic style of furnishing and the spirit of today´s architecture. “Primus” is available with a top made of oil shale or natural stone. 

 The skids are available in polished chrome, matt chrome or matt nickel. 
Over 200 stone types from all over the world are offered in the DRAENERT stone park. 

 40 x 52 x height 40 cm, 40 x 61 x height 45 cm 40 x 70 x height 50 cm - as a nest of three or a single table 
70 x 70 cm to 100 x 100 cm x height 40cm 80 x 120 / 130 x height 40 cm – coffee table 
 40 x 180 x height 30 cm - TV-bench, 70 x 100 x height 40 cm 100 x 70 x height 28 cm - as a combination or a single table. May a classic in furniture history be modified? Yes it’s allowed – because even the round version of the Primus table is a real eye-catcher. The bent skid base is the perfect counterpart to the round table top. Being both, incredibly modern and absolutely timeless, it expresses a light-hearted elegance. Available in various heights, it is possible, e.g. to combine two tables as an ensemble. Table top: natural stone Pedestal: steel, chrome polished Ø 90 cm, height 30 cm and 40 cm Ø 110 cm, height 30 cm and 40 cm Many other sizes in rectangular and square shape as well as individual sizes available. The table top is available in about 180 different natural stone types from all over the world. The pedestal is of steel chrome polished, matt chromed or matt nickeled.

DRAENERT is a top-brand of the international furniture design for forty five years.