Glas Italia Postmodern basso Glas Italia Postmodern alto Glas Italia Postmodern alto

Series of high and low tables with squared, rectangular and round shape. The top, mm 15 thick, is available in transparent, transparent extralight, acid-etched extralight, lacquered or opaque satin glass (no silver acid-etched 71). The feet are in molded and shaped borosilicate glass. Finishes - Transparent glass - Extralight transparent glass - Acid-etched extralight glass - Lacquered Glasses - Opaque satin glasses (no silver acid-etched 71) POS11 L90 P90 H38 POS12 L100 P100 H38 POS13 L110 P110 H38 POS14 L120 P120 H38 POS15 L130 P130 H38 POS16 L130 P70 H38 POS17 L140 P80 H38 POS18 L160 P80 H38 POS19 LØ120 H38

Glas Italia was established in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, the industrious area of Regione Lombardia made famous by the shrewdness of some enlightened enterpreneurs of furnishings, thanks to whom the phenomenon of the "Italian design", well-known and appreciated throughout the whole world, could develop.