Porto by Il Fanale
Il Fanale

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1x Max 57W E27 1x Max 22W E27 Ø 16cm - H 62cm IP 65

Porto, small night guardian A captivating floor lamp, a silent guardian in the night that lights the outdoor spaces in a discreet way. Porto is a lamp made of cor-ten that combines perfectly the manufacturing tradition with modern design. The expressive power of the material gives rise to a distinctive sign that stands out in any private or contract space. The diffuser is hidden in a broad metal and glass cylinder firmly fasted to the ground. The light is precise but suffused, issued downwards in a soft and embracing glow. The collection Porto is part of the wide range of Il Fanale lamps that preserves the allure and fascinating aesthetic features of vintage lamps reinvented in a contemporary mood. All lamps respect high quality standards and are entirely handmade in Italy.

Founded in 1979 in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso, Il Fanale creates lamps with a strong evocative and expressive potential, artworks with a long-time spirit, pieces that combine a sublime craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques.