POOL 183 by mox

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As the name implies, this version was designed for CDs. The eight shelves can hold up to 300 CDs. The slots of the shelves allow you to store DVDs as well. It is still one of the most beautiful shelvings for your music and video collection.

The POOL Shelf system is avalible in 3 different sizes and various colors. The POOL frame is in high density chrome and the shelves are made of stainless laquered steel - perfect for heavy loads. Two shelfes are combiend using connecting shelves creating a shelving system to fit your needs. POOL is set up without having to affix to a wall. The POOL frame leans perfectly against any wall - two floor and two wall adjustments allow it to be perfectly balanced even in the case of uneven floors or walls. POOL‘s look is open and the quality is invincible.

MOX was born from an idea which came to us one peaceful afternoon down at the lake-side in Zürich.