LENGTH: 395 cm WIDTH: 110 cm HEIGHT: 74 cm

With its legs inspired by the Origami paper folding technique from Japan in order to create strength, and the repetition of wooden planks, as seen in pontoons and piers, this extra wide table was baptised Pontsun, Japanese for pontoon. Indoors or outdoors, get together with a lot of friends around this large yet elegant table. Experience an oriental feel with the combination of robust wood and origami-like legs, perfectly combined with white Extremis Captain’s Chairs (designed by Fattorini+Rizzini+Co).

Extremis – almost twenty years of tools for togetherness It was purely and simply out of love that at the end of the eighties Dirk Wynants, an interior designer and son of a furniture maker, moved from his native region north of Antwerp to the other side of the country.