Polly Standard Lampshade
One Foot Taller

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This Polly Standard diffuser is a voluminous classic form, large enough to be impressive without being overwhelming.

"Polly has a solid quality, and can be used as a large central pendant in homes, or as a calm ball-shade in large open spaces. Great in groups too, - three in a row in a dining room or a cascading cluster of 6 in a reception area. The even, all over glow means that it looks good when seen from above as well as from below. One Foot Taller products are made in small factories and workshops in Scotland England and France." Colour Temperature for warm 2700k and Colour Temperature for cold 3000k

One Foot Taller is an award-winning lighting design and production company. We have been making elegant decorative lighting since 1995. The pieces combine elementary modern lines and utilitarian grace with the occasional drop of humour.