Polly 3-Drop Pendant Light
One Foot Taller

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A group of 3 Polly Standard pendant lights will hang proudly down a stairwell, in a tall entrance hall, reception hall or over a dining table.

Especially good in those interior spaces where you see them from above and below as they have a similar look from all angles. The descending group will flow beautifully down a stairwell or through a large void, complimenting your interior design. Drop lengths: cascade at 400mm 800mm and 1200mm. All drops can be shortened using the ceiling plates cordgrips if youd like them shorter. One Foot Taller products are made in small factories and workshops in Scotland England and France."

One Foot Taller is an award-winning lighting design and production company. We have been making elegant decorative lighting since 1995. The pieces combine elementary modern lines and utilitarian grace with the occasional drop of humour.